About us

Beth’s education and experience reflect her long-standing interest and commitment to helping families along multiple facets.  After graduating with a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University, Beth obtained her JD from Boston College Law School and an MSW from Boston College Graduate School of Social Work.

While her career is focused in law, Beth’s background in psychology and social work have informed her connection with clients, child-focused family law work, and ability to finesse complex family dynamics, whether in divorce, adoption, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, guardianships, estate planning, or probate matters.

In addition to her Newton practice, Beth became Of Counsel to the firm of Skylark Law & Mediation, P.C. in Southborough, Massachusetts in 2013, where she handles estate planning, probate, and family law matters.

When not at the office, Beth enjoys writing fiction and making beaded jewelry.

Professional Associations

Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation 
  • Certified Mediator
  • Board of Directors
  • Metrowest Peer Consultation Group Facilitator
  • Newton Mediator Meals Member
Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council 
  • President (2020-21)
  • Board of Directors
  • Probate & Estate Dispute Resolution Co-Chair
Massachusetts Association of Guardians Ad Litem
  • Board of Directors (2017-19)
  • Probate & Family Court Roundtable Discussion Leader
  • Metrowest Peer Consultation Group Member
Academy of Professional Family Mediators
  • Certified Mediator
Women’s Bar Association
  • Solo & Small Firm Committee Member
  • Middlesex Committee Member
Metrowest Legal Services
  • Lawyer for the Day Volunteer
  • Pro Bono Mediator
Metrowest Mediation Services
  • Lead Mediator